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Cisco 10000 Series Routers

The Cisco 10000 Series is the industry’s only edge router that delivers consistent, high performance features for carriers deploying IP/MPLS services to broadband and private line customers. Built upon proven high availability and innovative adaptive network processing technology the Cisco 10000 delivers the highest total session capacity, services freedom and robust provisioning capabilities. The Cisco 10000 series dramatically reduces the cost of Broadband subscriber services with line-rate delivery of 60,000 sessions tightly coupled with QoS and other service enabling features. This unique combination improves operational efficiency and increases revenue potential for broadband subscriber services.

Cisco 10000 Series Routers
Part Number Description
  • Integrated Broadband and Private Line aggregation powered by Cisco’s patented PXF Adaptive Network Processing technology.
  • Industry-leading resiliency with proven route processor redundancy capabilities and rapid session setup rates – delivering 99.999% system availability
  • High-performance, next-generation Performance Routing Engine (PRE-2) delivering line-rate broadband and leased line services.
  • High-density Broadband subscriber services – over 60,000 sessions for LAC and PTA environments.
  • Patent-pending auto-VC creation and provisioning technologies, coupled with comprehensive VC density, to simplify operations and speed broadband deployment and revenue generation.
  • Comprehensive IP/MPLS edge feature set optimized for DS-0 to DS-3 ATM/Frame Relay/Leased Line Services



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