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The Cisco Access Server 2500 series provides a variety of access solutions for small office and remote site environments.

With the added value of the optimized Cisco Internetworking Operating System (Cisco IOS) software, the new high-performance features of the Access Server series reinforce Cisco's status as the premier provider of remote access solutions. Cisco's 2500 Series Access Servers incorporate the latest in communications technology. By extending the popular Cisco 2500 access router and adding asynchronous capabilities, this new generation of servers provides robust and fast service.

The 2509 and 2510 Access servers provide Ethernet LAN and Token Ring LAN connections respectively, and allow for 8 users dialing in simultaneously. Similarly, the 2511 and 2512 Access Servers provide Ethernet LAN and Token Ring LAN connections respectively; however, these two models increase the number of simultaneous asynchronous connections to 16.

Cisco 2500 Series Routers
Part Number Description
CISCO2501 Cisco 2501 Ethernet/Dual Serial Router
CISCO2501-DC Cisco 2501 Ethernet/Dual Serial Router-DC
CISCO2502 Cisco 2502 Token Ring/Dual Serial Router
CISCO2503 Cisco 2503 Ethernet/DualSerial/ISDN-BRI Router
CISCO2503-DC Cisco 2503 Ethernet/DualSerial/ISDN-BRI Router-DC
CISCO2503I Cisco 2503 Ethernet/Dual Serial/ISDN-BRI Router
CISCO2503I-DC Cisco 2503 Ethernet/Dual Serial/ISDN-BRI Router-DC
CISCO2504 Cisco 2504 Token Ring/Dual Serial/ISDN-BRI Router
CISCO2504I Cisco 2504 Token Ring/Serial/ISDN-BRI Router
CISCO2504-DC Cisco 2504 Token Ring/Dual Serial/ISDN-BRI Router-DC
CISCO2507 Cisco 2507 Ethernet (16 UTP Hub Ports)/Dual Serial Router
CISCO2507-DC Cisco 2507 Ethernet (16 Hub Ports)/Dual Serial Router-DC
CISCO2509-CH Ethernet/dual serial/8 asynch router
CISCO2513 Cisco 2513 Ethernet/Token Ring/Dual Serial Router
CISCO2514 Cisco 2514 Dual Ethernet/Dual Serial Router
CISCO2514-DC Cisco 2514 Dual Ethernet/Dual Serial Router-DC
CISCO2515 Cisco 2515 Dual Token Ring/Dual Serial Router
CISCO2516 Cisco 2516 Eth.(14 Hub Ports)/Dual Serial/ISDN-BRI Router
CISCO2516-DC Cisco 2516 Ethernet(14 Hub Ports)/Dual Serial/ISDN-BRI Route
CISCO2520 Cisco 2520 Ethernet/4-Port Serial/ISDN Router
CISCO2520-DC Cisco 2520 Ethernet/4-Port Serial/ISDN Router-DC
CISCO2521 Cisco 2521 Token Ring/4-Port Serial/ISDN Router-DC
CISCO2521-DC Cisco 2521 Token Ring/4-Port Serial/ISDN Router-DC
CISCO2522 Cisco 2522 Ethernet/10-Port Serial/ISDN Router
CISCO2522-DC Cisco 2522 Ethernet/10-Port Serial/ISDN Router-DC
CISCO2523 Cisco 2523 Token Ring/10-Port Serial/ISDN Router
CISCO2523-DC Cisco 2523 Token Ring/10-Port Serial/ISDN Router-DC
CISCO2524 Cisco 2524 Ethernet/Modular 3-Port Serial Router
CISCO2524-CH Modular router with 3 Open Slots
CISCO2524-DC Cisco 2524 Ethernet/Modular 3-Port Serial Router
Cisco 2524/2525 Optional WAN Interface Modules
SM25-56K2 Cisco 2524/25 2-Wire 56Kbps DSU/CSU Interface
SM25-56K4 Cisco 2524/25 4-Wire 56/64Kbps DSU/CSU Interface
SM25-T1 Cisco 2524/25 Fractional/Full T-1 DSU/CSU Interface
SM25-5IN1 Cisco 2524/25 Synchronous Serial 5-in-1 Interface
SM25-BRI-S/T Cisco 2524/25 ISDN-BRI with S/T bus Interface
SM25-BRI-U Cisco 2524/25 ISDN-BRI with U bus Interface


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