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IBM eServer zSeries


IBM zSeries 800
IBM eServer zSeries 800

  • Optimized for integration, and designed to handle the transaction processing demands of the e-business world with attractive price/performance

  • Incorporates advanced self-management capabilities from IBM®

  • Provides outstanding flexibility for deploying Linux® solutions with a dedicated Linux server
Product Abstract

Built on proven technology
Its a conundrum that many IT managers know all too well. How does a company build and maintain an IT infrastructure while facing evolving technology with limited budgets and multiple types of workloads. How does a company reconcile the need for high availability with security and a variety of servers, storage and software that must work together seamlessly? To help customers meet these challenges, IBM introduces the IBM eServer zSeries™ 800 (z800) servers.

As part of the IBM eServer product line, z800 servers are built on the same guiding principles that make the IBM eServer brand technologically advanced. These breakthrough servers provide new tools, innovative technology and application flexibility to help businesses lower costs, improve efficiency and expedite e-business transformation. Built on the same high security and powerhouse processing capabilities of the successful IBM eServer zSeries 900 (z900), z800 servers are specifically optimized to integrate business applications, and to meet the critical transactions and evolving demands of e-business.

The attractive price/performance of z800 servers extends the advantages of advanced zSeries technology to customers whose capacity requirements are less than those served by the z900.

Advanced design
z800 and z900 servers are designed from the ground up using key technologies from Project eLiza™, the IBM blueprint for self-managing systems. By using technology to manage technology, eLiza can help create an intelligent, self-managing IT infrastructure to minimize complexity.

This enables increased utilization of technology without the spiraling pressure on critical skills and software, as well as service and support costs.

The best example of this is the revolutionary z/Architecture™—the most extensive design effort in four decades of large-scale computing.

As the foundation of zSeries servers, the z/Architecture provides optimal flexibility in selecting, building and rapidly deploying applications across a customers e-business infrastructure, while taking advantage of zSeries availability. It is designed to keep your business up and running.

Work priority is managed by the Intelligent Resource Director that works with the z/OS™ Workload Manager and is designed to automatically allocate physical resources to the task that needs it most.


IBM zSeries 900
IBM eServer zSeries 900 & z/OS

  • z/Architecture provides new ways to manage growth, risk and costs
  • Features innovative technologies like Intelligent Resource Director for on-demand e-business flexibility
  • Balanced system design enables optimal use of system resources in dynamic e-business environments
  • Enables superior scalability with up to 640 processors in a single cluster*
  • z/OS - a new, robust operating system based on the z-Architecture
  • LINUX for zSeries 900 supports the new 64-bit z/Architecture and extends choice in application flexibility
  • Workload Pricing reduces the cost of computing as applications grow
  • Protects and extends S/390 resources
Product Specs
Coupling Facility
Model 100 Coupling Facility: 1 - 9 internal coupling facilities
Minimum: 0/0/0 (Parallel/ESCON®/FICON)
Maximum: 88/256/96 (Parallel/ESCON/FICON)
Increments: 4/4/2 (Parallel/Parallel/ESCON/FICON)
CMOS Crypographic Coprocessor (2 standard)
PCI Crypto Coprocessor - up to 16 optional (up to 8 cards)
Processor Memory
Model 101-109 1C1-1C9 110-116
Minimum 5 GB 10 GB 10 GB
Maximum 32 GB 64 GB 64 GB
Upgradable from G5/G6 and R06 Modules
Upgradable with zSeries 900
Physical Configuration
(101-116 & 1C1-1C9 Models) 1 frame minimum 2 frame maximum
Weight (unpacked) 917 KG (2021 lbs.) 1866 KG (4113 lbs.)
Footprint 1.32 sq. meters 2.81 sq. meters
Service Clearance 3.04 sq. meters 6.18 sq. meters
Input Power 5.3 kVA 13.7 kVA
Heat Output 18.1 KBTU/hr 46.8 KBTU/hr
Air Flow CFM 800 m^3/m in 22,2 CFM 1990 m^3/m in 55.2
Height 200.4 cm (79.8 inches) 200.4 cm (79.8 inches)
Conforms to EIA guidelines for frames
Employs standard 24-inch cage enclosures
z/OS Basic and LPAR Mode: z/OS V1R1 and subsequent releases
z/VM Basic and LPAR Mode: z/VM V3R1 and subsequent releases
Linux for zSeries Basic and LPAR mode: Linux for zSeries all releases
OS/390® basic and LPAR mode: OS/390 V2R6 and subsequent releases
VM Basic and LPAR mode: VM/ESA™ V2R3 and subsequent releases
VSE Basic amd LPAR mode: VSE/ESA™ V2R3 and subsequent releases
TPF: TPF V4R1 (ESA Mode Only)
Linux for S/390 Basic amd LPAR mode: Linux for all s/390 releases


IBM S/390 G5/G6
IBM eServer zSeries s/390

Powerful servers
Enterprise Computing is no longer just about batch jobs and transaction processing. It's about doing real business over the Internet, intranets and extranets. It's about turning the supply chain into a value chain with Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. It's about using Business Intelligence applications to help identify customer needs you never knew existed. And it's about helping you handle all this work with an affordable, manageable infrastructure. The IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise ServerGeneration 5 and Generation 6 family can handle all these tasks concurrently in a stable, very highly secure environment that can grow easily as your business grows.

Cost-effective computing
Air-cooled CMOS processors consume less energy, require less space and can help reduce maintenance costs compared to bipolar technology replacing a water-cooled 9021-9X2 with an S/390 G5/G6 enterprise server can reduce your energy bill by up to 95% while increasing capacity significantly, can take 91%less floor space and can reduce maintenance costs from IBM by up to 70%.

Virtually unlimited capacity
The S/390 G5/G6 enterprise server family offers a vast performance range that can meet almost any growth requirements. If you've invested in previous generations of S/390 CMOS servers, easy pgrade paths are available. S/390 G5/G6 servers are a superior choice for S/390 Parallel Sysplex clustering, with enhancements that provide increased efficiency and performance.

Product Specs
Coupling Facility
9672 Model R06: 1 x 10 ICF's
ICF: Up to 3/7/9 (RA6 - RD6/ R36 - Y96/ X17 - XY7 / Z17 - ZY7)
Minimum: 3 or 4/4/0/3 (Parallel/ESCON/FICON/Total)
Maximum: 96/256/36/256 (Parallel/ESCON/FICON/Total)
Increments: 3 or 4/4/1 (Parallel/ESCON/FICON)
General: Channel maximums can be decreased by the use of OSA's/coupling links
CMOS Crypographic Coprocessor (2 standard)
PCI Crypto Coprocessor - up to 8 optional
Processor Storage
Minimum: 1 GB
Maximum: Up to 32 GB
General: Central and Expanded storage are user definable
Exceptions: RA6, RB6, R26, RC6, RD6 Modules max mum 12 GB
R36-RX6 models minimum 2 GB

Y76,Y86,Y96,YX6 models minimum 8 GB

Y36-Y66, Xn7, Zn7 models minimum 5 GB

G5 Upgradability
Upgradable from R3, G3 and G4 models
Upgradable within G5 family
G6 Upgradability
Upgradable from G3, G4 and G5 models
Upgradable within G6 family
R06 Upgradability
Upgradable from 9674, C04 and C05 models
Upgradable within R06 family
Upgradable to G5 RA6-YX6 models
Upgradable to G6 X37-ZZ7 models
Physical Configuration
1 Frame Minimum
Weight 612 KG (1346 lbs)
Footprint 1.0 sq. meters (10.4 sq. feet)
Service Clearance 2.5 sq. meteres (27.4 sq. feet)
Input Power .6 kVA
Heat Output 2.0 KBTU/hr
2 Frame Maximum
Weight 938 KG (2057 lbs)
Footprint 1.8 sq. meters (19.7 sq. feet)
Service Clearance 4.8 q meters (51.9 sq. feet)
Input Power 5.5 kVA
Heat Output 18.8 KBTU/hr
Conforms to EIA guidelines for frames
Employs standard 24-inch cage enclosures
OS/390 and MVS basic and LPAR mode
OS/390: All OS/390 releases
MVS™: MVS/ESA SP V5R2 and subsequent releases



VM Basic amd LPAR mode: VM/ESA V2 and subsequent releases
VSC Basic and LPAR mode: VSC/ESA V2R1 and subsequent releases


IBM S/390 Multiprise 3000
IBM eServer zSeries s/390 Multiprise

  • Classic S/390. strengths of availability, scalability, security, flexibility and lower total cost of ownership
  • Incorporates many leading-edge S/390 Generation 5/6 family features and functions
  • Three models offer the capacity required for growing e-businesses
  • Pre-packaged, pre-tested IBM e-business Start Now program solutions designed to speed you to the benefits of e-business
  • Web-based documentation, education and service support
  • Supported by IBM's unmatched enterprise expertise and services
Product Specs
Coupling Facility
Hardware models and number of processors
S/390 Architecture
7060-H30 (1-way)
7060-H50 (1-way)
7060-H70 (2-way)
Minimum: 0/0 (Parallel/ESCON)
Maximum: 56/56 (Parallel/ESCON)
Increments: 2
ESCON: 17MB/sec (channel)
ESCON CTC Native & Basic Modes
Wide Area Connecitons (RS-232,X.21,V.35 and Multiport Model 2)
Parallel Channel
Ethernet PCI Adapter
Token RING PCI Adapter
Emulated 3174/3274 support in the non-SNA DFT Mode
General: Channel maximums can be decreased by the use of PCI/ISA adapters and/or differential SCI adapter.
Processor Storage
Minimum: 1 GB
Maximum: Up to 4 GB
General: Central and Expanded storage are user definable
Exceptions: H30 Max 1 GB
H50 Max 2 GB

H70 Max 4 GB

H30 upgrades to H50
H50 upgrades to H70
H30 upgrades to H70
Physical Configuration
Base Frame max.  
Weight 236 KG (520 lbs)
Footprint .54 sq. meters (5.69 sq. feet)
Service Clearance 4.1 sq. meters (43.6 sq. feet)
Input Power 1.32 kVA
Heat Output 1020 Watts (3468 BTU/hr)
Expansion Frame max.  
Weight 232 KG (510 lbs)
Footprint 1.8 sq. meters (19.7 sq. feet)
Service Clearance 4.1 sq. meters (43.6 sq. feet)
Input Power 1.32 kVA
Heat Output 1020 Watts (3468 BTU/hr)
Conforms to EIA guidelines for frames
Employs standard 24-inch cage enclosures
OS/390: OS/390 R2.4 and all subsequent releases
VM: VM/ESA V2.2 and subsequent releases
VSE: VSE/ESA V2R2 and subsequent releases

Note: all platforms are supported for native and LPAR execution

Internal Disk (GB)

Minimum: 0/0/0/0 (Base Frame/1st Expansion Frame/2nd Expansion Frame/Total)
Maximum: 216/288/288/792
General: The maximums represent the amount of usable SSA RAID 5 DASD


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