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StorageTek is known for state of the art tape technology. They have 30+ years of market leadership in tape and tape automation. Automated tape backup from StorageTek never complains, never gets tired, never calls in sick, and never takes a break.


The StorageTek PowderHorn 9310 automated cartridge system's massive capacity and high-speed access is ideal for UNIX, supercomputer and mainframe systems. Suited for sharing information accross an entire enterprise, the StorageTek 9310 automated cartridge system is the largest tape library StorageTek offers.


The StorageTek TimberWolf 9710 tape library provides backup/restore, HSM, data warehousing, imaging, and scientific applications on UNIX midrange systems and NT super servers.


The StorageTek TimberWolf 9740 tape library, suitable for UNIX systems, handles the data storage complexities of large, multiplatform environments. It is ideal for complex business applications such as e-commerce, data warehousing, multimedia, broadcasting, telecommunications and medical/scientific imaging.


The StorageTek TimberWolf 9730 tape library is a compact, entry-level SCSI-based, desktop or rack-mountable DLT library for Windows NT and Unix users with distributed data.


The StorageTek TimberWolf 9738 tape library is an affordable, flexible solution for growing multi-platform storage environments.


The L20 is the first in the new L20/40/80 series of tape libraries that deliver asset protection and management to distributed NT, Novell, Linux and UNIX environments.


The L40 provides affordable, high-performance, high-capacity data management for demanding distributed environments. Combining proven technology, reliable, high-speed robotics and an entry-level price, plus the power to grow without bounds with an easy upgrade path from the L20 to the L80 make the L40 Tape Library the answer for growing organizations automated backup and recovery needs.


For the most demanding distributed environments, the ultra high-capacity L80 Tape Library from StorageTek, provides advanced, high-performance, streamlined data management. With world-class technology, high-speed robotics and twice the reliability of competitors, the L80 Tape Library is the ultimate solution for fast-growing organizations automated backup and recovery needs. The L80 single-unit design takes up less physical space than competing rack-and-stack solutions. And its plug-and-play capabilities enable easy installation and management right out of the box.


The StorageTek L180 tape library is designed for midsize UNIX and Windows NT environments. The available high-speed Fibre Channel interface, paired with the Fibre Channel StorageTek 9840 tape drive, makes it ideal for attachment to scalable Storage Area Networks (SANs).


The StorageTek L700 tape library is designed for large, distributed open systems implementations in UNIX and Windows NT environments. The high-speed Fibre Channel interface, paired with the Fibre Channel StorageTek 9840 tape drive, makes it ideal for attachment to scalable Storage Area Networks (SANs).


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