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The Sun Fire[tm] V100 server is a low-cost, full-featured package with a 1U form factor designed for customers wanting a compact, rackable server based on the industry-proven Solaris[tm] Operating Environment and SPARC technology. With its small footprint and rack-optimized features, the Sun Fire[tm] V100 server is also ideal for customers wanting to extend their existing SPARC/Solaris infrastructure. The Sun Fire[tm] V100 server builds upon the success of the award-winning Netra[tm] X1 server by adding a CD-ROM drive, depth to its chassis (now 19 inches) to enable 2- or 4-post racking, and slide rails to simplify serviceability. And most importantly, the Sun Fire[tm] V100 server is available at the same price as the Netra X1 server.


Key Applications:
The Sun Fire[tm] V100 server is ideal for Web hosting, email, directory services, and technical computing.

Key Specifications:

  • 500-MHz UltraSPARC® IIe processor
  • 256 KB of Level 2 cache
  • Support for up to 2 GB of memory
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Solaris[tm] 8 Operating Environment
  • Supports up to 2 x 40 GB IDE drives


Key Benefits:

  • Affordable, entry-level cost lowers total cost of ownership.
  • Exceptional price/performance.
  • Horizontal scalability allows for redundant deployment, contributing to higher return on investment by reducing downtime. 

Key Markets:

  • Service providers
  • Data centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Government
  • Financial


  • ANSI control device
  • Standard 19-inch rack for mounting
  • Remote terminal for management


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