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For large-scale, mission-critical applications, such as high-volume OLTP, server consolidation, data warehousing, and decision support, the Sun Enterprise[tm] 10000 server, also known as Starfire[tm], helps lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across your IT organization. Mainframe-like Dynamic System Domains enable the Sun Enterprise 10000 server to host multiple workloads, automatically adapting to your needs as your application environment changes. With support for up to 64 CPUs, 64 GB of shared memory, and more than 100 TB of storage, the Sun Enterprise 10000 server powers many of the world's most demanding, mission-critical application environments.

Number of Processors, Clock Rate 4 to 64
400 or 466 MHz
Architecture UltraSPARC® processors
Cache per processor Primary: 16-KB instruction, and 16-KB data on chip Secondary: 8-MB mirrored external cache.
CPU interface 64-bit Ultra Port Architecture (UPA).
System Board
Maximum of 16 boards per Enterprise 10000 server; minimum configuration is one system board, each holding up to four processors, up to four SBus cards or two PCI cards, and a memory module with four banks of eight SIMMS each.
Main Memory
2GB to 64GB memory capacity per system
256MB and 1GB memory expansion options (each a group of 8 SIMMs)
Up to four memory expansion options per system board
Standard Interfaces
SBus 64-bit data bus width, 25 MHz
PCI 32-bit or 64-bit data bus width, 33 MHz or 66 MHz
Mass Storage
Disk Arrays Sun StorEdge[tm] T3 (capacity up to 100 TB)
Sun StorEdge[tm] A5200
Disk tray Sun StorEdge[tm] D1000
Sun Netra[tm] st D130
SBus Options
  • SunSwift Ethernet Fast/Wide UltraSCSI Host Adapter
  • SunFastEthernet[tm] Adapter
  • Sun[tm] Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
  • Sun[tm] Cluster 2.1 Board
  • SunHSI[tm] High Speed Serial Interface Adapter
  • Single-Ended Fast/Wide SCSI Host Adapter
  • Differential Fast/Wide SCSI Host Adapter
  • Dual-Loop FC-AL Host Adapter
  • Fast Write Cache
PCI Options
  • Sun[tm] HIPPI/P High Performance Interface Board
  • Sun Enterprise[tm] Systems Interface Adapter (ESCON(r))
  • Sun ATM[tm] Adapter
  • Dual Fibre Channel Network Adapter
  • Single Fibre Channel Network Adapter
Power Supplies
Fully redundant power and cooling standard with this system.
RAS Features
  • Dynamic System Domains
  • Alternate Pathing
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration
  • On-line hot swap of boards, power, and cooling components
  • N+1, Fault-tolerant power and cooling
  • N+1, Redundant AC line cords and breakers
  • Redundant Control Boards
  • Monitoring tools
  • Automatic system recovery
  • Automated SSP failover
  • Automated Control Board failover
  • ECC on memory and Interconnect
  • Complete parity checking
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Remote system monitoring and support vis SRS Net Connect
  • Redundant consoles
  • Interconnect data path and address path resiliency
Operating system Solaris[tm] 2.6, 7 or 8 Operating Environment
Languages C, C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, Java[tm]
Networking ONC[tm]
SunNet[tm] OSI
System monitoring Hostview and Sun Management Center
System and network Solaris Resource Manager[tm], Solaris Bandwidth Manager[tm], Solstice Suite Manager[tm], Solstice Domain Manager[tm], Solstice Backup[tm], Solstice DiskSuite[tm], Sun StorEdge[tm] Volume Manager
AC power 200-240 single phase VAC, 47-63 Hz, 24 A per line cord (up to five redundant line cords)
Operating 10°C - 31°C (50°F - 88°F), at altitudes up to 10,000ft
Regulations: Meets or exceeds the following requirements
Safety UL 1950, CUL CAN/CSA 22:2 M950, TUV EN60950
RFI/EMI FCC Class A, EN50021-1 Class A
Immunity EN50082-1
Dimensions and Weight
Height 178 cm (70 in.)
Width 99 cm (39 in.)
Depth 127 cm (50 in.)
Weight, main cabinet 818 kg (1800 lb.) approximately, fully-configured
Power cord 4.3 m (15 ft.)
One year on-site hardware warranty with four hour response and ServerStart[tm] installation
One year software warranty
Warranty upgrades and service contracts available
Professional Services Application Readiness Service, Data Center Readiness Service, Sun Ready Availability Assessment, Sun Production Design Services
Support Services SunSpectrum Platinum, Sun VIP Program, Sun Remote Services


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