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SunFire 12K


The Sun Fire 12K server is a high-end data center server that lets customers reduce acquisition and ongoing operating costs through more precise hardware selection. Supporting up to 52 UltraSPARC® III Cu 1.2-GHz processors and 288 GB of memory per domain, the Sun Fire 12K server is a strong choice for customers needing more power than is provided by the Sun Fire 6800 server but not requiring the massive system capacity of the Sun Fire 15K server. An ideal platform for server consolidation, mainframe rehosting, high-end technical computing, and data-intensive applications, the Sun Fire 12K server enables customers to deliver large-scale, mission-critical services at lower costs than competing solutions. To support future growth, the Sun Fire 12K server also provides a smooth upgrade path to the Sun Fire 15K server without disrupting service.

Number of processors Up to 52
Architecture UltraSPARC III Cu 1.2 GHz Processors
Cache per Processor Level 1:  Parity-Protected 32KB Instruction and 64KB Data on Chip (Single Bit Errors are Corrected)

Level 2:  ECC-Protected 8 MB External Cache

System Interconnect 150 MHz Sun Fireplane Interconect, Redundant 18x18 Data, Address, and Response Crossbars, Used in 9x9 Mode
Main Memory Up to 288 GB Memory per Domain with End-to-End Data Integrity
CPU/Memory Boards Up to 9 Hot-Swappable, interchangeable Uniboard CPU/memory boards for easy, dynamic resource provisioning.
MaxCPU Boards Supports up to 8 MaxCPU Boards, Each with 2 Processors
Up to 36 I/O hot-swap PCI (hsPCI) slots; 18 slots are 66/33 MHz, 18 slots are 33 MHz

Supports 10/100Base-T Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, UltraSCSI (LVD & HVD), ATM, FC-AL, and HiPPI

Overall System Bandwidth Up to 172.8 GBps Peak, Up to 43.2 GBps Sustained.
Overall I/O Bandwidth Up to 21.6 GBps Sustained.
  Hot CPU Upgrades
Online upgrades
Journaling file system
Redundant network connections
Redundant storage connections
Hardened operating system kernel
Hardened I/O drivers
RAS Features
Dynamic Reconfiguration: Concurrent DR; initiate DR from domain, as well as from System Controller
Dynamic System Domains
Up to 9 fifth-generation, fault-isolated Dynamic System Domains, which are fully reconfigurable while applications are running to minimize system downtime
Dedicated network connections (System Controller to 9 domains) inside the Sun Fireplane interconnect
Resource Management
Sun's fifth-generation Dynamic System Domains, Solaris Resource Manager[tm] software, and Solaris Bandwidth Manager software
Operating system Solaris 8 Operating Environment (10/01 or later)
Languages C, C++, Pascal, Fortran, Java technology
ONC/NFS, TCP/IP, SunNet OSI, X.25 Start, DCE, Novell NetWare
System Management
Sun Management Center 3.0 software, System Management Services 1.1 software (or later)
Network Management
VERITAS Volume Manager 3.1.1, VERITAS File System 3.4, Sun Cluster 3.0 software
Mass Storage
Support for 120+ TB of direct connect storage using Fibre Channel and UltraSCSI

Supports Sun StorEdge[tm] 9900, Sun StorEdge 6900, and Sun StorEdge 3900 series; Sun StorEdge T3, Sun StorEdge A5200, Sun StorEdge S1, and Sun StorEdge D1000 arrays; and Sun StorEdge tape systems

AC power
200-240 single phase VAC, 47-63 Hz. Two N+1 power grids, each using six 30-amp circuits. Second power grid provided for redundancy.
  • Optimum: 22° C (72° F) at 45% non-condensing humidity
  • Range: 10° C to 35° C (50° F to 90° F) at 20% to 80%                     non-condensing humidity
  • Altitude: Up to 3048 m (10,000 ft.)
  • Regulations
    Meets or exceeds the following requirements:
    Safety UL/CSA-60950, EN60950, IEC950 CB Scheme with all country deviations, IEC825-1, 2, and CFR21 part 1040
    RFI/EMI FCC Immunity
    ENC55022/CISPR22 Class A, FCC CFR47 Part 15 Class A, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
    Dimensions and Weight
    Height 191 cm (74.75 in.)
    Width 85 cm (33.25 in.)
    Depth 166 cm (65 in.)
    Weight 987 kg (2,141 lb.) fully configured
    The Sun Upgrade Advantage Program (UAP) offers trade-in value for qualified Sun and competitive servers towards the purchase of replacement Sun Fire 12K servers. Whether upgrading one system or consolidating many systems to one, Sun UAP offers the flexibility to trade-in systems and receive credit towards the new Sun system purchased. Upgrades are also available for Sun Fire server system component upgrades including CPU/memory boards, and I/O assemblies.


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