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Hewlett Packard Tape Drives


HP JetStore 6000E

  • P/N: C1529A
  • Capacity: 8 GB Backup Capabilities
  • Back-up rate: 60 MB/min
  • Tape Technology DDS2-DAT
  • MTBF (hrs.): 3000,000
  • Voltage (external): 110V to 220V

HP SuperStoreT4E

  • P/N: C5644A
  • Sustained Data Transfer Rate: 514 KB/sec
  • Burst: 3 MB/sec
  • Read/Write: 29 ips
  • Search/Rewind: 120 ips
  • Load Time: 30 seconds
  • Format: QIC-3095
HP DLT 80m Rack-Mount Tape Drive for SuperStore Tape Array 5550
DLT 80i Internal (C5725A)
DLT 80e External (C5726A)
DLT 80k Rack-Optimized (C659A)
  • 40-80 GB on a tape covers virtually any single backup operation
  • Transfer Rates: 10.8 GB/hour (DLT40) and 40 GB/hour (DLT80) keep network downtime at a minimum.
  • HP Tapeassure ensures correct installation
  • Tapealert pre-warns on any drive or media problems
  • TapeTools simplifies troubleshooting
  • HP has tested and proved the compatability of these drives with leading server brands, operating systems & backup software.
  • DLT80 can be used with existing SCSI and new LVDS equipped systems
HP SuperStore 2000I 2GB Internal Tape Drive
HP DLT 8000 ReadyTo Be Racked Model
HP DLT 8000 Desktop Model
No Description currently available for these models


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